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I hope net.wars will continue to be carried by other sites (currently, www.newswireless.net), but it seems like a good idea to also have my own site where I publish the columns. I've done it as a blog so that a lot of the email I get could perhaps become comments instead and we can have Discussions. There's an RSS feed over there somewhere, and sometime soon I hope to set up a mailing list for people who'd rather read it by that route.

And yes, I do intend to move on quickly from the standard template/colors. But I wanted to get started. So here we go.



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A larger font, please.

I'm an old time reader of your column at The Inquirer. It's always been a great reading, and I'm certain that it will keep that way now on your own site :)

Anyway, we (readers) will miss you there, but your RSS feed is already on my news reader :)


Thanks. Need to fix the thing that didn't let you post immediately. I didn't expect visitors so soon!

Will enlarge the font, too...though while I'm figuring that out most browsers have a function that lets you do it yourself. (In Firefox/Mozilla, it's on the view menu, or just hit CTRL-+)


Why the change?

I simply hope that your transition is amicable. Your journalistic and writing credentials are well established.

It's their loss: the Inq has lots of talent and Mageezer is a true original, but there's only one of you. That makes you all the more valuable.

Thanks for the piece on forking, and we all look forward to your continuing success. :)

I'm confused - will the Inq no longer carry your column, or are you simply adding your own site? Either way, much thanks for what you do - always interesting and well done...

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