Security fu: TSA reacts to Northwest flight 253

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"Logic," I remember a character in the Narnia books muttering. "Why don't they teach logic in these schools?"

Today, as passengers are patted down at security and barred by Air Canada from getting up or accessing their personal belongings during the last hour of flight (what about the risk of deep vein thrombosis, or have we forgotten that now?), it seems like all rationality has gone out the window.

1-Yesterday's incident was a plan that failed. It failed in part because of the willingness of vigilant passengers to take action.

2-The biggest risk seems to have been from the flames the other passengers tried to put out before flight attendants arrived with fire extinguishers.

Surely the most logical responses would be to:

a-train passengers to be more effective at spotting and blocking dangers

b-make fire extinguishers more readily accessible throughout the cabin.

Taking away blankets for the last hour of flight gives passengers less to work with should there be flames...

In the meantime, anyone traveling today has my commiseration.


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