Speaker's Corner columns. Ran from 2006 to 2012, more or less, at The Inquirer (V3.co.uk, where indicated). The links have been updated from the Wayback Machine because the original articles seem to have vanished off the site (1/2017):





The column went on hiatus in June 2009.

  • Why security and usability don't go hand in hand: Angela Sasse, part 2: Damn users (5/29/09)

  • User, you are the weakest link: Angela Sasse, UCL (5/22/09)

  • Meet the scientists behind the robo-scientists: Hod Lipson, Cornell University, & Ross King, University of Aberystwyth (4/16/09)

  • Guardian tech guru gives away the goods: Mike Bracken, The Guardian (3/19/09)

  • Meet the book bloke who made it big on the Web: Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Publishing (2/12/09)

  • Human face of the human interface: John M. Carroll, Penn State U (1/19/09)

  • 2008



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