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This book, which came out in 2003, was intended to help small businesses navigate the complexities of setting up and running computer networks. The technical basics haven't changed much, but of course a small business today is making very different purchasing decisions. This was written before cloud computing began to take over the industry, and also at a time when you bought, rather than rented, software. Written today, most of the book would be about security, which was a somewhat less fraught issue then. However, the basic principles have held up fairly well.

Table of contents

1. Builing a network
2. Decisions, Decisions
3. Networking Basics and Infrastructure
4. The Trouble with Computers: Users
5. Internet Enablement
6. Ebusiness
7. Security
8. Disasters: Planning for Recovery
9. Getting Help: Technical Support and DIY
10. Getting Help: Hiring Consultants and Technical Staff
11. Health and Safety
12. Onward